Thursday, February 02, 2006

Notable eats... Fatty Crab

What’s it like at this new Malaysian comfort food shop? You’ll go in and see a neat restaurant with dark wood tables, a small bar and a glimpse of the kitchen behind it. Things are relaxed. The waiters will chat to you like you’re a college buddy (“Hey, so like, do you know how it works here? Things come out soon as they’re ready, and go in the middle of the table and you can all like, share and stuff. Okay, cool… now who wanted a beer?”), as they prop down some ice cold Tiger. And it all feels a little surreal until you tuck into a dish like the Fatty Duck, with its big chunks of crispy “brined, steamed and fried” duck in a sweet Hoison-like sauce. Or the succulent braised, slightly spicy, Short Ribs Rendang. Or the Oyster Omelet Ashraf, packed with oysters and served under a forest of coriander. Almost everything I tried led towards some gluttonous eating, though there were a couple misfires. The Java Mee soup comes packed with chewy egg noodles and interesting seafoods, but should only be ordered by serious fishy-flavor lovers. And the quail shooters, well, they’re interesting, but I imagine they go down better back home in Malaysia.

Overall though,


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I've been meaning to leave a testimonial about my wine nerd addiction of late, but it has taken a little while for the site to be unlocked to non-bloggers; now I can gush as much as I want about Wine Nerd. First off, I'm going to avoid speaking about the man himself, as if I got on that subject I'd be talking forever about what a great guy and friend he is. But his taste for picking wine is fantastic; it may just be that our tastebuds were honed in the same fashion tasting wine on lovely estates in South Africa, but I would venture to say that the wines he selects would appeal to just about anyone, regardless of their personal preferences. By far my favorite part of the wine club is the way it is so personal; I used to belong to another one that was just 12 wines in a box, but David includes careful write ups of each wine, pictures, recipes, and exciting bars and restaurants worth visiting. I also can't get over the name: my brother and I went through an extended phase in which it was just about the only thing we can say, and I would venture to say David will never escape this moniker.

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