Saturday, October 29, 2005

Queens' Crown Jewel

"I went to Sripraphai last night."
Say that to people and they respond with something along the lines of, "Stripper-pie? I don't want to know about that!"
Sripraphai is actually a small restaurant in Woodside, Queens, that happens to serve the best, most authentic and downright delicious Thai food this side of Bangkok. The setting is slightly food court-like, with the name in bold neon letters outside the front window. Nevertheless, the food is spectacular. Papaya salad with shrimp and peanut zings with a touch of chili. Curry dried rice with shrimp and chicken was an interesting version of a savory rice puff, with a sweet dipping sauce. It worked nicely. I could inhale the aroma of a green curry being served to the table behind us - strong enough to make me change my mind and order the mild, roasted duck - a classic Thai street dish, chopped roughly and served simply with sticky rice and what seemed like a type of bok choi. The jungle curry was more fragrant and somehow lighter than most curries, while still packing a heavy dose of spicy flavor. And the Pad Thai was nothing short of perfect. The only dish that disappointed was the crispy noodles with chicken. It resembled something that went missing from the dirty Chinese takeout down the steet.
Overall, the meal was a feast of superb flavors and authentic dishes. Service is decent, and the check (cash only) will leave you with enough money to consider taking a cab home. Not that you'd find one though.
6413 39th Avenue, Woodside, Queens


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